Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Review: Alex Van Helsing- Vampire Rising

Author:   Jason Henderson

Series:    Alex Van Helsing, book 1

Publication Date:   2010

Rating: Amazing, must read

Summary: Alex Van Helsing is a normal boy, with astonishing abilities. Shortly after he moved to his new school, vampires target the students forcing him to join the Polidorium, a society hunting the vampire city of  Scholomance. Adventures await Alex in "Vampire Rising".
What I liked: Usually I do not like vampire books at all, but this was amazing. Alex's adventures capture you and will keep you on the end of your seat. The thrill of the hunt for the " Scholomance" and the rescue of Alex's friends balance out the vampire sections with action.

  • Language:mild
  • Sexuality: mild
  • Violence:medium
  • Drugs/Alcohol:almost none